Today I would like to introduce you this year's summer gadget.As it is getter hotter day by day,we are so lucky to have so many summer gadgets to cool us down.

I would like to show you this year's, cooling sheet and pillow cooling sheet.

While I was shopping with my eldest son,we came across all those summer gadgets on display.What caught my eyes is this cooling sheets.It contain some sort of gel and is very cooling.It says that it can keep the body cool and brings down the body temperature as shown on the photo below.

My son bought a set to bring back to his hostel and he even present me a set too..He is so cheeky and says.."Okasan(mummy),you can have a cool night sleep and have a sweet dream when you use this sheets."

Let me describe to you more about theses sheets.It is beautifully sewn on a blue "cheong sam"material and feels like silk.I immediately put it on my mattress and pillow as shown in the photo below.

The feeling is superb..just like you are sleeping on a water bed and is very cooling.I do not need air conditioning in my room,just a fan is enough.The problem started in the middle of the night,suddenly I was very chilly due to this cooling sheets.

Can you imagine,I have to wake up in the middle of the night to put the cooling sheet under my bed sheet because I cannot sleep direct as shown on the photo...too cooling...kakakaaa..

The same goes to my pillow,I have to put the pillow cooling sheet under my pillow case.

After all these are done,I went back to sleep...I told my son about what happen during the night and he had a hearty laugh and says I am like a kampong lady(sua pah kau),don't know how to use new things...hahahahaa.


amycheah said...

hey sudah kacau ur midnight dreamming of ur prince of charming liao lah like that....

Can continue back ur story boh after u back to sleep...wkakakkaka.

jepunlauee said...

I really don't want to wake up ler,coz so siok and cooling on my mattress..kakakaakakaa..