We meet different people every day in our life,but can we find out what type of people they are? Even friends,family members,relatives of ours too have their own characters,but today I will teach you seven points on how to spot a controlling person in your life.
1: controlling people likes to focus on themselves and not on other people,its always about themselves..having a "me attitude".
2: they who are controlling,continue to remind people of their own authority(false authority).
They always want to tell you who is in charge.
3:When you mention a problem to them then you become a problem.You are accuse of causing the problem and not the one of exposing them.They likes to point their finger at others to mask and hide their weakness.
4: They are constantly taking a loyalty test.Loyalty is demanded by them. They likes to keep you loyal to them (bondage).They will threaten you if you don't listen to them.
5:.They are not honest,not open and they hide their true self from others,eg..their own family problems,their own weakness,their secret accounts,secret wealth ,their failures,ect..ect.
6: They teach unbalance doctrines,they teach false teaching for their own advantage.They will teach and tell you things to do and think at their own advantage.
7: They run from and they will fight any source of correction.They will do anything to protect themselves.They will put on an act,that you question their loyalty.
Be very careful about this type of people,as these people will destroy you even without you knowing it.
They will question why you didn't listen to their words.These people are out to built their own connection and will destroy you in no time.
So friends..check those you know,and see if they are in any of these categories...and be careful not to be controlled by them.
I would like to wish all my friends a very Happy Chinese New Year...Let this year be a properous and a happy new year for us.

My resolution for this year is to be on a positive thinking on everything and to renew my mind, as I feel this is the best way to live and be peaceful and happy.

I also like to be healthy and also enjoy a wonderful year with all my love ones.May 2012 bring peace and joy to everyone.Lets all of us enjoy this new year with a big smile !!!!!
Sorry for not updating my blog for so long,recently busy chasing dramas and chatting with my sisters.Well ..as you know, when women gets together and chat..it might take days...hahahahha...

Anyway,to change the subject,I would like to show you all my Christmas nativity.
Christmas is so near now and it is very cold now in Japan,I wonder if we would be able to get a white snowy Christmas this year.

This year,I plan to have a simple Christmas,a simple dinner and enjoy the wonderful day rejoicing with Our savior,Jesus Christ...thanking Him for coming into this world to take away our sins.Thank Lord for your wonderful kindness.
Here is my simple Christmas nativity for all of you to enjoy.

Every single evening,as I'm lying here in bed ,this tiny little prayer keeps running through my head:
God,bless all my family wherever they maybe,keep them warm and safe from harm,for they are so close to me.

And God,there is one more thing,I wish you could do;hope you won't mind me asking,
Please bless my computer too.Now I know that it is unusual,to bless a motherboard,
but listen just a second while I explain it to You,Lord.

You see,that little metal box,hold more odds and ends;inside those small compartments,rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them,by the kindness they give,and this little scrap of metal ,takes me in to where they live.

By faith is how I know them,much the same as you.We share in what life brings us,and from that ,our friendship grows...

Please take a minute,from your duties above,to bless those in my address book,that's filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach,to each and every friend,bless everyone who read this prayer,Lord.

As my second son's ambition is to be a teacher,he is trying out several universities to see which is suitable for him.

Yesterday,he went to visit and tried out this university for education,called "Aichi University of Education".This is one of the best Education University in our prefecture and is a bit hard to enter due to its level .

After spending a day at this university,each student were given a paper bag (souvenir)as shown above with documents and other things regarding this university.

I took this opportunity to snap these two photos to post it here..hehe..

I really hope my son will be able to enter this university next year and be a teacher just like his father and fulfill his dream.May Our lord bless him with wisdom and knowledge and watch over him.

This is my latest toy,my car navigator.I managed to buy it at a reasonable price as the shop was having a campaign. It is very easy to set up and simple to understand.I try to test it by trying it out on the road and in the highway too.I found that it is very interesting and voice in car navigator is spoken in a simple ways and not confusing at all.The thing that I like about this car navigator is that,I can know exactly what time I would arrive at my destination.
Well,I love to play with new gadgets and now my outdoor playmate is my car navigator and my indoor playmate is my digital media player live, which let me watch YouTube ,Facebook and listen to Internet radio stations in my television set by wifi Internet connection.

Today I would like to introduce you this year's summer gadget.As it is getter hotter day by day,we are so lucky to have so many summer gadgets to cool us down.

I would like to show you this year's, cooling sheet and pillow cooling sheet.

While I was shopping with my eldest son,we came across all those summer gadgets on display.What caught my eyes is this cooling sheets.It contain some sort of gel and is very cooling.It says that it can keep the body cool and brings down the body temperature as shown on the photo below.

My son bought a set to bring back to his hostel and he even present me a set too..He is so cheeky and says.."Okasan(mummy),you can have a cool night sleep and have a sweet dream when you use this sheets."

Let me describe to you more about theses sheets.It is beautifully sewn on a blue "cheong sam"material and feels like silk.I immediately put it on my mattress and pillow as shown in the photo below.

The feeling is superb..just like you are sleeping on a water bed and is very cooling.I do not need air conditioning in my room,just a fan is enough.The problem started in the middle of the night,suddenly I was very chilly due to this cooling sheets.

Can you imagine,I have to wake up in the middle of the night to put the cooling sheet under my bed sheet because I cannot sleep direct as shown on the photo...too cooling...kakakaaa..

The same goes to my pillow,I have to put the pillow cooling sheet under my pillow case.

After all these are done,I went back to sleep...I told my son about what happen during the night and he had a hearty laugh and says I am like a kampong lady(sua pah kau),don't know how to use new things...hahahahaa.