This is my latest toy,my car navigator.I managed to buy it at a reasonable price as the shop was having a campaign. It is very easy to set up and simple to understand.I try to test it by trying it out on the road and in the highway too.I found that it is very interesting and voice in car navigator is spoken in a simple ways and not confusing at all.The thing that I like about this car navigator is that,I can know exactly what time I would arrive at my destination.
Well,I love to play with new gadgets and now my outdoor playmate is my car navigator and my indoor playmate is my digital media player live, which let me watch YouTube ,Facebook and listen to Internet radio stations in my television set by wifi Internet connection.


Xiao-Kia said...

Do you know you can switch the voice to english, hokkien, mandarine ... etc? haha.. welcome to gps world... next time u wont lost again .

jepunlauee said...

yes..very siok ler..can even let me know where got road block..can listen to music also..