Yesterday being Sunday,my son takes me and my daughter for an outing in our nearby town called Toyohashi.
This town,Toyohashi is a much bigger town than the place where I stayed.The road have tramp service and is also a big city by itself..something like Kuala Lumpur.

When we arrived at Toyohashi,I have to park my car in the underground car park,and do you know that the underground car park is just below the city main road.I can imagine when I look up at the ceiling of the car park,buses ,car ,lorries are moving above...
As I am not so familiar with this city,My eldest son guided us around,taking us to the shopping mall and many other places.
When we were in the shopping mall,my son take us to a shop that sells games and game sets.I bought myself a PSP mahjong game and later we went to several shops and my eldest son treat us to lunch and we really enjoyed ourselves.
What a better way to enjoy ourselves on a Sunday afternoon..with our love ones with us and an outing to seal our bondship...May Our Lord blesses all my children always,Amen.