On Friday January 14th,my restaurant held its annual dinner party for all its employees.The dinner starts at 6:30pm,and was held in our restaurant.

The main course was shabu shabu,a Japanese meat steamboat dish and there were other side dishes such as mayonnaise prawns,fried chicken,salads,gyosa and many other dishes too.

The dinner started with our manager giving a speech to thank us all for our effort in helping the restaurant to make its sales goes up.During this Japanese new year,we have a very good sales and business was very good.

When the party was in full swing,almost all of us were drunk as beer and Japanese sake was serve non stop,and so many "kam pai"(Cheers).
I really enjoyed the steamboat as the beef was of a very special variety and it is also an expensive beef...kakakaka...so all of us eat as much as we could as it is an unlimited dinner party,and we could order any dish that we want!!!.

I really would like to thank my company who take the effort to organise this type of annual dinner yearly,as this is also the time we can all join in as a family of an organisation.Laughing and joking and sharing each other warmth and kindness.


amycheah said...

hey the party was held at the restaurant that u work at...then who cook for u all to eat?

SO the ppl working in the kitchen tak dapat involve in the party lo like that?

jepunlauee said...

The dinner party was divided into 2parts,part1 and part2are held on different days,part1 is with our manager n part2 is with the assistant manager..

sting said...

that's great to hear :-)

sorry to be so "8" but do you work there or you own the restaurant? those food looks really yummy! I miss the Japanese food in Japan, so different from those back here