Today my son took me shopping again and this time ,we went to buy a FM Transmitter for my car .The reason is simple,both of us like to listen to our iPhone and songs with our MP3 players while driving.
So we went shopping after lunch,but the weather was very bad,snowing non stop...I was very worried about driving in such a weather as I am afraid of slippery road.
Luckily when we arrived in town ,the snow was falling not so heavy so we hurriedly rush into the shop.We search for several models but I have in mind,something that could be of multi purpose.I wanted it to be able to play ,not only iPhone,all types of ipods but also other MP3 players.
My son found one FM transmitter that is of multi purpose,not only can it play all iPhones,ipods but it can also play any types of MP3 players as well.
The photos above is this FM Transmitter,it is call ALLKIT 2...and the last photo is LCD surface, where we can choose and set the frequency.Sorry,cannot get good photo for this photo so no choice have to snap from catalog..heheheee..
It can also rotate so we can watch videos from iPhone or even place small MP3 player on the bottom stopper and at the meantime it also act as a charger.
Not bad right?It also have an USB slot at the side..very now I do not need so many gadgets..with this ALLKIT 2...all is complete....