Today as I was doing my shopping,I saw some "kum quats" on sale.In case those of you don't know what is kum quats,let me tell you about them.

They are a type of yellow limes,usually the Chinese would love to buy them for Chinese New Year,as it is believe to bring luck,as the pronunciation of it sounds like,"Gold Luck"in Cantonese.

Well,coming back to my story,I bought about a kilo of these kamquats,then I make three types of receipe with them.

One of the first recipe is I make sweeten kamquats...The taste is like the ones that are sold in Malaysia(sweeten limes).

First thing I do is ,I wash all the kamquats first,then I wipe them dry with paper towels. Then I gently slice them not too deeply,and used a tooth pick to remove their seeds.The reason why I have to remove their seeds is because they will be bitter,if the seeds are in them.

Then I boil the ones which I want to make into sweeten kumquat in a pot of rice water(water that is use after washing the rice)for 3 mins.The reason is by using the whitish rice water to boil it is to take off its bitterness.

Then after 3mins,I drained off the water .In another saucepan,I put a cup of water and add about 10 spoonful of sugar and a bit of salt,then I add in the boiled kumquats and simmers about them minutes until the syrup is thick.
Then I just cool it and transfer it into a container.
the photo of the sweeten kumquat is shown on a glass plate above.

Next,is I prepare the pickles kumquats.I pour some salts into a container,then I add some kumquats into them(fresh kumquats),then I pour in some more salts to cover them up.I do all these in rotations and after they are finish,you can see how they look at the photo above.It can be kept for several years and you can use it when you have a sore throat or cough.Just mix 2 tablespoon of the mixture and add warm water to it and drink.

Then ,is I make kumquat liquor..which is good for health.It is very easy to make.Just add sugar into the white liquor(depend on how sweet you want),then use a spoon to mix it until the sugar dissolved,then add in the fresh kumquat.It can be drink in about a month's time.It can also be stored for at least six month.

I love this kumquat liquor very much and is nice to drink,either chilled or warm..


amycheah said...

wow keng....

jepunlauee said...

not rally keng...just that they are very easy to make...hehe