Today I am going to talk about about a type of plant called "miracle fruits"(synsepalum dulcificum). It bears fruits which are red in colours and looks like red berries.
What so special about these berries is that they can change sour fruits like lemon or lime or any sour fruits to taste sweet.

The fruits when eaten cause sour fruits like lemon or lime to taste sweet because this miracle fruits contains "miraculin"which is usually used commercially as a sugar substitute.The above photo shows how it looks like when it is dissected,you only eat the fleshy part and not the seed.

The "miraculin" which is in these fruits change the taste buds of our tongue,and that is why we feel sour taste sweet.

I read that in Japan,this "miracle fruits" is popular among people with diabetics and dieters.It is not so differcult to buy these "miracle fruit"plants as they are usually sold at nuresery home centre.


amycheah said...

Never knw got such fruits in the word...thanks for sharing it. I got a question here....
1) will it change the taste of the lime or lemon or not after eating with this fruits?

jepunlauee said... will only get to taste a sweet lemon or a sweet only change a sour taste to become sweet nia..

amycheah said...

wow! I never knw got such plant lah. Can I get this in Penang? Any idea?