I would like to share with you all on how I do the blessings over myself and my family daily.

The first thing I do after washing my face each morning,is that I look at myself in the mirror and speaks words of blessing over myself.

I would speak blessings like .."This is the day,the LORD has made for me..It is a beautiful day,a joyful day,a pleasant day and a smooth and wonderful working day for me,and nothing bad will come my way..and I will rejoice in it."

Then I would speak to myself in the mirror and looks into my eyes.."I am good,I am kind..I am happy,I am joyful..I am healthy...I will not be in fear or worry as I have the Lord in me..He will watch over me and protect me."

Do you know,it is written in the bible,that you can either bless yourself or curse yourself..
I can really tells you the truth..It does wonders in my life..Things started to work out fine and even when they don't ,I see them on the positive side as I know they are not here to stay..

Another wonderful thing which I would love to share with you all is I love to hang and paste good and meaningful scriptures all over my house..and even in the toilet.

For those of you who have read the bible,would understand what I mean.There are a lot of encouraging verses in the bible.
They are really the keys to all problems,and even when you do not have any problems..they are encouraging words from our Lord..

I always get very peaceful when I read those scriptures,and I love the peace and joy ,they brings into my family..
Thank You Lord..for the wonderful scriptures and also thank You for always watching over me...


Zooropa said...

That's very good & positive to start a brand new day! I learn those from Robin Sharma's "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". Happy Weekend :-)


jepunlauee said...

Yes,Dora..and you can be sure,you will have a peaceful n happy day..