Today after work,I went to a flower nursery to look for more Jasmine Flowers to buy.I was so surprised that they are doing a promotion on "Fu kuai fah"(desert rose)..The Japanese called them..desert-rose.

I have been searching for this plant for so many years,as I use to see many families in Malaysia having this plant in their houses(indoors and outdoors).

To let those people who does not know what is "Fu kuai fah"..let me introduce this plant and its flowers to you.

The original name of this plant is Adenium Obesun,or usually referred as desert-rose.We can put them outside when the weather is warm and if the weather falls below 10 degrees,it is better kept in the house as a house plant.

I really do not know how this plant gets the name of "Fu Kuai Fah"..which means flowers of prosperity.
Anyway,coming back to my story..hehehhee..I was so in love with these plants ,that I bought two of these plants back home.I even bought two big flower pot and two packs of gardening soil.

When I arrived home,I transferred my two "Fu Kuai Fah"plants into the two big flower pots and fills them up with the gardening soil which I bought.

At present ,they have a small flower on each plant..and I can't wait to see how the flowers turn out to be.Will they looks like the "Fu Kuai Fah" flowers (which isn't mine),I purposely posted on top of this post for you all to see???

Well,my friends...lets all wait and see what colour and design my "Fu Kuai Fah" will be...but now I can see the flower bugs pinkish in colour..

I will let you all know again when my "Fu kuai fah" is in full bloom...


amycheah said...

wow! at last u dapat cari. Why in Japan so hard to get this plant huh! Ok ok...we all togather wait and see what color the flower ahhh...

jepunlauee said... know,how long I h@ave been seaching for this plant,right?
so happy,at last I found them..