A few weeks ago,when I was in the flowers nursery,I happened to find a special flower plant.It was a flower plant by the name of Antigonon Leptopus (coral vines).It is a beautiful climbing vine plant and is easy to grow.

It can grows in almost any soil and needs a full sun for best bloom.What I love most about this plant is that the flowers looks like pink grapes...

I remembered when I was in my childhood..my neighbor had planted this vine plant on her fence,and we children would always goes to her house and plucks these beautiful flowers to play,when we were young.

I remembered that we use to make pink flowers crowns with this flowers ,and even make pink Hawaiian garlands to play.
I always remember that neighbor's house..it always have a pink fence,because these vine plants blooms pink flowers whole year long.

I really hope my beautiful vine will be able to stand this winter as I hate to see it dies away and I also hope I could get a pink garden fills with all these lovely pink flowers.

I really thank God for letting me to find back this vine plant that brings back good memories of my childhood.Thank you Lord...Amen.