I would like to introduce this wonderful radio streaming application to all those who are using iphone,blackberry or windows mobile hand phone.
This application can streams radio stations all over the world and the audio are very clear and smooth.

The name of this radio streaming is called "Wunder radio".You can open this link by clicking in this post link.
I nowadays listen to my favourite, 988.com..chinese channel..and also our Malaysian various radio station.

It is so easy to use and I can even keep all my favourite radio station in my favourite folder and click any of my favourite radio station whenever I like.

I can feel that I am in Malaysia when I listen to our local radio stations.I feel ,those people who are not in their own country will find this radio streaming application very useful...not need homesick..at least...hahahaaaa..


amycheah said...

JLE, thank you so much for sharing this piece of info. Next time when I away from M'sia then I will use this radio streaming liao.

jepunlauee said...

Ya,then you won't be homesick either..even when you are in pg,you can use it to stream other countries radio...