Today,I am going to show you all my new and cute DVD player. Last Friday,being my shopping day(sau poh)..I was strolling in the electrical shop,just browsing around as they have sent me a postcard to claim my birthday points of 500 points.
I didn't have anything particular to buy,so I thought of just buying a SD card ,then to claim my points.As I was browsing around,these cute mini DVD players caught my eyes,so I check out ,what so special about them.
I found out that they are about 13x13.8x3.3 cm,the screen is about 4.7 inch and weight about 510gms only.It can last about 2 1/5 hrs if use with the chargeable battery and also can be use anytime with the A/C adapter.
It also included an AV cable so,we can watch it via our T.V and also a car battery adapter.
It can also play CD disc and also play digital recorded(CPRM) disc,plus the usual DVD,DVD +R/RW.. DVD-R/RW..and also came with an earphone plugs...
The best part of it is,it is anti shock,and it can withstand the shock when drop ,of course not from a high building la...kakakaka..
It is very convenient,and can be put inside our handbag to carry around ...
I can't resist it ,so I bought a pink colour one..and carry it in my handbag,
so I can watch my DVD when I am waiting to fetch my kids or when I am waiting to collect my medicine from the clinic..
Don't you think they are cute???Especially my pink colour one!!!


amycheah said...

aiyoo so cute...nampak liao pun rasa mau hv one unit huh! Hey ur photo above show is purple colour or pink cos I nampak macam light purple wo...but the colour is so nice...I like it so much.

jepunlauee said...

it is actually bright pink..I love that colour so much..kakakaa..
very sok ler,I use it today when I have my car engine oil changed..sit siok siok in the waiting room and enjoy part of my fav.drama series...kakakak...

Andrew said...


I like pink color and this DVD Player is available in pink color so its great matching.

Coby Portable DVD Player