Nowadays in Japan,almost any electrical shops you go,you can see them promoting wimax..
They are also giving unbelievable campaign offer if you subscribe with them.

As some of you already knows that my Internet line is quite slow,I decided to subscribe to this wimax,just to see how it is.
Let me tell you a bit about this wimax router .Wimax in japan have to types to is by the USB stick type and another is by the router type.

I subscribe the router is so small (palm size)as you can see in this photo.
The unique selling point of this router is that it can stay up for about 2.5 hours but if the battery runs out ,you can easily plug into your pc's usb port and be use as a modem..not bad..right?
It also have five LED lamps which are indicators for Power,WLan,Battery,Wimax and signal straight.When I am at home,I like to use it as a modem,so I just slot in the USB cable and I cn use it whole day long.Sometimes,I felt that it looks more like a portable HDD than a modem..hehee..
Sometimes when I am out..I just put it in my handbag and go wireless..kakaka..

There is one more thing which is causing me headache..Two days after I subscribed to wimax,I found out a higher speed Internet line have already enter my area..a line which I waited for years.
Long story short,I subscribe to that line and they are coming to do the wiring construction in my house on April 21th,which is next Wednesday.
My headache is now I have to decide whether I should terminate my wimax line or not..when that land line comes in...


Kikey Loo said...

let's give the new product a try :)

p/s: yah , cos i wanna travel before i start a working, now jobless. :p

jepunlauee said...

so happy for you to be able to travel to so many places..all the best to you,my friend..(^0^)