Recently,I have been missing in action because I was busy making arrangement to have the Hi-Speed Internet to be installed in my house.

I went to the computer shop and seek my favourite technician's advice,on which Wifi router's model is best for my house.

As I will be using many computers when all my kids are in the house,I would need to get a good Wifi router so that my Internet speed would no lag.

My technician introduced me this model: WHR-HP-G300N/ is a high power router..
It can transfer waves up to 300 Mbps and it also can eliminate dead spots like over walls and doors..

When the technician came to install this router for me,I tested it with my netbook computer..
I brought the PC downstairs and see if it can still receive the waves or not..
To my surprise..the waves is still very strong even at a distance of upstairs and downstairs..

I was very happy as from now onwards ,I can still online when I am cooking...kakakaaa..

Then ,the next thing is, I tested it with all my house computers on,and see how is the speed of the Internet...
The answer is ,non of my house computers lag..Now I know what they meant by saying it is a High Speed Power Router..

To end this you know why I was missing in action for this past week..busying enjoying my broadband Internet...!!!!!!


Xiao-Kia said...

Yes JLE. This router can cover wide range of your house with faster trasnfer rate thru your laptop or iphone.

jepunlauee said...

yes..Xiao Kia..I just now brought my PC to the back of my house n also out till the car park..the waves is still so strong...kakakaa..maybe my whole kampong can catch my Wifi waves if I didn't put on my secret password..hehe..but I got put password..lah!! hahahaa

amycheah said...

To JLE - next time if i got chance go Japan, i stay at ur hse toilet pun tak pah, as long as ada internet service will do...hehehehe.