I have been wondering when I would be able to change my car's tyres..and so I went to several shops and compared their prices.
In Japan,usually all shops have their own price tag...some shops might sell their things cheaper than another shop.

I have several shops in mind,but I am still not happy with their quotations,so I kept delaying from changing my car's tyres.

Today,as I was going home after collecting my medicine from the clinic,I accidental saw a tyre shop having a sale campaign.
I was just curious about it and so I drove in and have the salesman quote me with 4 new tyres for my car.

I could not believe the price which he give me the quotation and also there are so many advantages which comes together with the new tyres.

The price of the 4 new tyres are rather cheap ,as that shop is having a sales campaign.
They are offering free repair for puncture,free tyre alignment with no time limit..not bad ,right?

So I decided to have my cars tyres changed immediately there..

While I was waiting for them to change my car's tyres,there is an auto drink machine in the office..and it is free..

I have three drinks while waiting for them to change my car's tyres..2 warm milk coffee and a cold chill cocoa...hehehe..


sting said...

wahh... so good service leh... when they say got sales, they really mean it hoh? not like some "sale" here... the prices not much different from no-sale...

amycheah said...

so fast u change ur new car tyres kah? Any reason?

jepunlauee said...

reply to sting:yes when shops in japan have sales..they really means it..si pek cheap...hahaa..

reply to Amy: fast change my tyres coz I si pek good driver until I almost burst my tyres when I do my parking...kakakakaa..

TINTIN said...

Wow,..got drink machine sumore...syok wor can choose the drinks we like. Ya, Japan always they have free things to collect, last time when I go to Hokkaido, they have all the tissue paper, sweets, chocolates and magazine for free on streets... we try the chocolates and it's so yummy!!

jepunlauee said...

si lo..tis time i drink until nak urine so many time..kakaka..