Today,after my work,I was in a hurry to go on my I quickly put on my long sleeves blouse,my jeans and my spring coat as it is still chilly in japan.
I went to several places ,like buying the handphone USB cord for my son,and bought a steam curler for myself and then went shopping for my groceries.

When I finished all these,and on the way home,I glanced at my right hand(I Have a habit of wearing my wrist watch)to check what time it was already.I was in a panic when I found my right wrist empty..oh my god!!! Where is my wrist watch???

I returned to all the places which I have been earlier and even went to check at the service counter and also wrote down my name and handphone number,just in case someone found my wrist watch.
Everything in my head become blank and I was in panic, as that wrist watch is of "sentimental value" to me.
I even went back to my working place to check again,whether I drop it when I was changing my clothes..but it wasn't there either.

I was very sad and tired,and also sweating like hell ,driving here and there..and it was almost dinner time when I arrive home.
I wasn't in the mood to cook dinner at all,not to mention mood to put away my groceries,so I asked my daughter to do it.

I was also sweating like hell and deceided to take a shower,my eyes was watery and I felt like having a big cry in the bathroom..
When I started to take off my clothing one by one..and also eyes suddenly caught some thing on my left wrist when I was fully naked!!!
On my left wrist is wrist watch!!!!! All the time,I was so in panic that I never even bother to look at my left wrist as I do not wear wrist watch on my left wrist..

So you see,all the panic and sobbing..for the wrong reason!!!
Have you ever in such a silly situation before???
I must be in such a big hurry that I accidentaly wear my wrist watch on my left hand and forgotten about it.
Come to think about it,sure makes me waste the whole afternoon for nothing..really so silly of me!!!!


Vivian said...

JLE, thank God that you found your wrist watch!!
I never encounter this situation before but I think you're too used to your right hand that you never bother your left hand..Hm..I learnt something from your story ..that sometimes we should see the other side of our life.

amycheah said...

Lucky the wrist watch is at ur left hand. Hey, i never encounter this kind of situation b4. For me hio, i will never "kuan si" to wear the watch at my right hand eh. So, I think I will never wrongly wear my watch lo cos the feeling of putting the watch in our wrist will be different and that will trigger me right away to change back to my other wrist that used to wear watch.

jepunlauee said... did teach me a lesson..hehe..
reply to amycheah:wat to do I hav a habit of wearing my wrist watch on my right hand..and also I think due to the long sleeves of my blouse and the spring coat..I couldn't feel the weight of yhe wrist watch on my left hand..or either..I panic too much...hahaha..

aussieahchee said...

I know the feeling of losing something precious. I threw away my MP3 accidentally a while ago into my rubbish bin and was very upset until hubby found it and gave it back to me. I was so happy reunited back with my MP3, the feeling is like reunited with your true love again! Hee! Hee!

jepunlauee said...

yaya..its the same feeling that I also felt when I discovered back my watch on my left hand..I will be more careful with it from now on..

TINTIN said...

There is once I was in a rush going out at night that I wear different slipper each on my foot..left foot is black colour and right foot is read colour and of different design and go to pasar malam didnt realise it until it was time to go home..aiyo, dunno people think I'm siao char bo or not hor??? lol..

jepunlauee said... are really funny..tintin..but it is true when we are in a hurry..we tend to do funny things..

Constance Chan said...

wow jle.. u really panic... i will also.. lately i also so absentminded... and i cannot remember what i was thinking at a second ago... i think a lot on my mind..