I started to believe in buddhism on the day when I saw the miracle happened in front of me.It was the day when my mother breathe her last breath.I saw my mum's swollen body and face returned back to her natural appearance after the siamese monks chanted the siamese prayers and leads my mum to peace.

So ,before I came back to japan,the head monk in the siamese temple gave me a buddha pendant.I also bought several buddha pendants and also several buddha amulets and also several holy siamese sutras to be blessed by this head monk.
The above photo is the buddha pendant ,I hang it in my car for safety and protection.
At the car door,I also paste a holy "hu" ,and near the passenger seat area,I hang the holy amulet .This holy monk is believed to protect us from evil and safety driving,I heard.I also played the siamese prayers chanting in the car ,twice a month as to recharge my buddha pendant and also the holy "hu".

I bought several siamese prayers chanting CDs,and I will play them on the audio at least twice a month.The first thing in the morning when I wake up,I open all the windows and take out all my buddha pendants and place them near the CD player,then I will start to let the siamese prayers played,while I do my chores.
The above photo in red is the holy siamese sutra "hu".I put one in my living room and another in my bedroom.All the "hu" are also blessed by the head monk.
When I am at home,I will wear my 3 buddhas and when I am at work ,I will pin the "hu" inside my blouse,I also wear a buddha pendant in a buddha pin holder.
You can really says that I am very superstitious,but I do notice several changes after I adapt to this method.The playing of the siamese prayers chanting with all the windows opened in the morning was adviced by the head monk.
This is to clear out all the evil spirits and bad luck .
Nowadays,I can sleep peacefully with my 3buddhas attached to my necklace.Gone were the days when I always wake up at 3 am with "goose pimples" and heart pounding like hell.
Well,I might sounds like an old granny yakking about buddhism,but I am very happy and satified...hehe..


Superman said...

It is really a lot of buddha things in the car.

amycheah said...

hey I also pin the "siam poh" (siamese buddha pendent)everyday even I at home or out.

I got one buddha pendent hang in my car too. But yours is a lot...hehehe. But it is good to have all those "mighty power" protect us huh!

Anonymous said...

JL, is it your hobby to collect the buddha pendant? My house got a lot...I post up in my blog, have a look.

jepunlauee said...

reply to amy: ya,it is good to have all those mighty powers to protect us..
reply to vivian:its not my hobby to collect buddha pendants la..its just that i am very "kay boh"(chicken heart)..hehehe..so tat is why i need those mighty powers to protect me..hehe

siewSiANlang said...

Ya,did your family members notice changes in your abnormal behaviour? he hehehe, whats are their comment?.

jepunlauee said...

reply to superman: Yes..I want to have a safety driving..and also want protection ..
reply to siewSIANLang: yes.my family notive it,expecially my dotter..I let her wear 1 buddha pendant,when she had several minor accidents..but now,she is feeling alright lioa..

Constance Chan said...

i think as long as they make us feel good, secure and happy is important. the older i am the more of these practise i am inclined to also... perhaps it is a sign of return to God's hands.