Recently there are a lot of USB type of stick internet promotion at my area.These USB data stick is so easy to use and some of them are auto install..meaning is ,you just slot the USB data stick into the usb hole and it will auto install itself.Then you just have to click your internet explorer and surf the net as usual.
Some of the computer shops are promoting a service of 2 years subscribtion with this data stick and you get free unlimited usage of the internet, and also you can just buy your mini mobile computer with only 100 yen(RM3.50) cheap,Right?
If you don't want to buy a mini computer,you can also buy an ordinary computer and they will give you a discount of 30,000 yen(Rm900)..I still think is worthwhile..
These USB type of data stick looks just like our pen drive but a bit bigger and they can have a speed of 7.2Mbps or if the area is not so good,they are able to get at least 384kbps.
Their price is also not so expensive and reasonable...They also include the internet provider and under the same package..unlimited free usage.
At present,I am also using a card data type..and it is working well..They can also be use overseas..but then the internet surfing charge will be different..but if used inside japan..then there are no limits..all free usage...
I got a feeling the prices of these devices will drop later as many more companys will comes out with more models.As now there are only 2 companys doing these,one is emobil and the other is softbank.


amycheah said...

hey sounds very tat huh!

jepunlauee said... cheap and no need any modem or u can carry your computer and go online even at the roadside...hahaha..or even in a public toilet..hehehe..(^0^)

siewSiANlang said...

Its a dream for us in Malaysia.Am waiting for that day to come where you can go online line without worrying whether there is an open WiFi for connection while waiting for my wife doing her shopping.