We meet different people every day in our life,but can we find out what type of people they are? Even friends,family members,relatives of ours too have their own characters,but today I will teach you seven points on how to spot a controlling person in your life.
1: controlling people likes to focus on themselves and not on other people,its always about themselves..having a "me attitude".
2: they who are controlling,continue to remind people of their own authority(false authority).
They always want to tell you who is in charge.
3:When you mention a problem to them then you become a problem.You are accuse of causing the problem and not the one of exposing them.They likes to point their finger at others to mask and hide their weakness.
4: They are constantly taking a loyalty test.Loyalty is demanded by them. They likes to keep you loyal to them (bondage).They will threaten you if you don't listen to them.
5:.They are not honest,not open and they hide their true self from others,eg..their own family problems,their own weakness,their secret accounts,secret wealth ,their failures,ect..ect.
6: They teach unbalance doctrines,they teach false teaching for their own advantage.They will teach and tell you things to do and think at their own advantage.
7: They run from and they will fight any source of correction.They will do anything to protect themselves.They will put on an act,that you question their loyalty.
Be very careful about this type of people,as these people will destroy you even without you knowing it.
They will question why you didn't listen to their words.These people are out to built their own connection and will destroy you in no time.
So friends..check those you know,and see if they are in any of these categories...and be careful not to be controlled by them.


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凯纹与朋友的部落阁 Keven & friends de blogs said...

One Rice Feed Hundred type of people...what we can do is...if we happy with them we continue talk...if we not so syok of what they are...we just say hello & goodbye than walk away...

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