I would like to introduce "Viber"..it is an iPhone application which lets you make free phone calls and sent free text messages to other iPhone users that have Viber installed.
When you use Viber,your phone calls to any other Viber users are free and the sound quality is much better than a regular call.All you need is an internet connection :3G or wifi when available.

You can call any Viber user,anywhere in the world for free and also text them as much as you want..I have been using this Viber application and I can really says,its the best...Viber behave just like a phone,you do not need to login like skype or messenger..and when someone calls you,their name will appear,so you will know who is calling you..no spam callers..hehe..

You do not need to "add" your friends in Viber,as it will use your address book and you will be able to see your friends if they are using viber too as an icon of viber will appear next to their name.

It is very easy to use and simple.So now,I do not have to worry about high phone bills and expensive international phone calls as I have Viber in my iPhone!!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, first time I read or hear about this 'viber'.
Thats good, no need spend money on o'seas calls from where you are.
Hope the earthquake did not affect you and family.

You have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart.

jepunlauee said...

thanks Uncle Lee..