On Feb.16 I traveled by train to central air airport to catch my flight back to Penang.As my flight was on Feb.17 at 9.55am,I have no choice but to book a hotel near the airport to spent the night before. The hotel I choose is called Toyo-Inn Hotel.It is a very reasonable hotel with breakfast provided and free shutter bus to the airport and also back to the hotel at every 20 minutes interval.

After I checked into the hotel,I can see that ,it is very clean and cosy.It also have free Internet lan service,so I can surf the net and online anytime.It is also equipped with a personal safe lock,where I can keep my valuables.There is a flask and a small heater in case I need to boil water to make tea too.

After I have my bath in the cute bathroom,I watch some television and surfed the Internet for a while,I started to get bored.So I went down to the hotel and take the free shutter bus to the airport to walk around.

That is where I learned from the shutter bus driver,that there is a shutter bus servicing this hotel at every 20 minutes.The best part of this shutter bus service is that,it is free!!!

So after I enjoyed my walk about in the airport,I took the shutter bus back to my hotel again.Later that night,I enjoyed the free Internet service in my room.

The next morning,I went down to have my free breakfast provided by the hotel.They have the western version and the Japanese version buffet breakfast.I choose the Japanese buffet breakfast.It served Japanese riceballs(onigiri of various versions)miso soup(red n yellow version)pickles,tea,coffee and other Japanese dishes.

After my breakfast,I checked out of my hotel and take this hotel shutter bus to the airport for my flight back to Penang.

I enjoyed this hotel service very much,and when I returned to Japan on March14,I stayed again in this hotel as my flight was a late night flight.

I will definitely stay in this hotel again if I were to go back to Penang again as it is one of the best hotel I ever tried..good service and reasonable price.


sting said...

hihi.. how's things? hope you and family are ok... and hoping Japan will recover soon...

jepunlauee said...

Hi..Sting..Me and my family are fine..thanks for the concern.I also hope that Japan will recover soon..as we all are very worried about the nuclear power plant leakage..