When I was back in Penang ,I went for my very own heritage tour by myself.I started out early at 9 am. by the Penang Rapid bus to the Jetty Terminal.

The first stop,I visited is the Chew jetty..and I found it so interesting,that I just can't stop taking so many photos and videos.Then I moved to the Tan's Jetty..

Next,I went to all those heritage roads like Acheen Street,Amoy Lane,Armenian Street,Victoria Street,Lebuh Ah Quee,Acheh Street and many other streets too.

I love to see those old buildings and also to take a good look at them..I was very sad that when I was living in Penang,I didn't really pay much attention to all these heritage roads and buildings.

Later I went on to "Little India"..King Street,Queen Street,Penang Street and also Jalan Kapitan Keling.

I went to visit several places of interest like Cheong Fatt Tse Mansion,Pinang Peranakan mansion and Dr. Sun Yat Sen Penang Base.I really enjoyed the best is The Peranakan Mansion as I love to see all those nyonya things and to see their culture,as I know part of that drama "Little Nyonya" was taken there.

I even visited the Kapitan Keling Mosque and the Penang Islamic Museum.The next stop,I went to is Khoo Kongsi..it is very interesting..

As I break for lunch in Kimberley Street and a short rest,I continued my journey to Cintra street,Campbell Street and then to Pitt Street and to Kampung Kolam.I stopped by in Off Steward lane to look at the old man famous for making joss stick,then I even have my fortune told by Aunty Sim who conduct her business near the corridor of "Yee Yang Sang" shop.

I even managed to take a photo of an Indian shop that collect all those old newspaper and old bottles,this is the first time,I know where all those old newspapers and empty bottles that my mother sells to...

I really enjoyed my heritage tour very much and when I have finished my tour,I noticed that it is almost 4.30pm.You know,I have been walking by myself since 9.30am till now,taking only a short break for lunch and I really feels,it is worth it. I would try to do it again on my next trip to Penang ..


amycheah said...

Wow JLE, i really salute to u...keng!

jepunlauee said...

thanks Amy...you know la..I love to jalan jalan...and sight seeing..

reanaclaire said...

I like the song in your blog.. u are a christian too? Glad u love Penang, one day maybe u visit Ipoh too? :)

jepunlauee said...

Yes,I am a Christian..and yes..I love Penang very much..and sure I would love to visit Ipoh in my next trip..hehee..