I have always wanted to try upload videos in youtube,but due to slow internet connection,I was not able to do so.

Now with my new internet connection,I tried my first upload in youtube...I was very tenced as it is also the first time for me to try out how to make a slide photos display and how to put in the audio.

This is only a very short video,but I do hope to be able to do more better ones in future..hehehee


This video slide is of my home in Penang,which I missed very much,and I am hoping to be able to stay there in future,with God's Blessing..

Hope you all like this mini video of mine...(^-^)


amycheah said...

u really hi-tech JLE, very pandai. And next year u will be able to stay at ur home sweet home in Pg during ur vacation here, don worry....

jepunlauee said...

yes..I can't wait to go back and stay there..My Dream Home..