On this 2010,I would like to wish all my online friends who are already mothers, a very Happy Mother's Day. May you always have all the happiness and joy,that your children gave to you.

On this 2010 Mother's Day..I get a portable box fan from my eldest son..reason is that he says I can move around the house when I am online,and it will be very comfortable to carry a box fan instead of the usual fan..as summer is just round the corner...So cheeky of him...hahhhaa..

My second son present me a pot of white bougainvillea,as he know that I love bougainvillea plants,and he manage to find a pot white have white flowers instead of the usual red colour flowers.

I didn't know that, he and his elder brother were together ,when they went shopping for their Mother's Day presents..kekekeke...coz my eldest son also got for me a small pot of red cactus.
This red cactus is believed to bring happiness and luck,that what the japanese says anyway..

I was touched by his kindness when he present me that red cactus...I could not decide where I should put it,and in the end..I found the perfect place to place it...on the window in the upstairs toilet...kakakaa..maybe I can keep looking at it each time,I visit the toilet...hahahhaa..

My daughter bought me a cute Mother's Day pack..inside is a bar of chocolate and she penned her message on the back of the chocolate..saying "mother..thanks for everything(in Japanese) and in English..she wrote.."Thank You,My Mother ! by Saki"..kakakaaa..Inside that Mother's pack was also a box filled with a red Carnation and a small teddy bear..so cute..

On this special day ,I also received Happy Mother's Day wishes from all my love ones..from Japan,Malaysia and also from Australia..

Thank you,all my love ones(Angie)..you are all so sweet to remember me on this special day...I love you all..and may our Lord always bless you..


amycheah said...

so happy to receive the mother's day gift huh!

jepunlauee said...

ya...I bet all mothers also very happy on this special day..