Today I am going to write about Bible covers.In Japan it is very common to see Christian people reading their bible with the bible cover on.

I find this amusing as I thought we would just wrap our bible with book wrappers like our textbook.
But when I was in church,I noticed almost all the people who are in church uses bible covers.

I tried to order them online but was not successful as the type of Bible ,that I am using is the bilingual type.The size is between large ad medium size..and they is no such size on sale.
So the next thing for me to do is to sew my own Bible covers.I take a look at my friends bible covers,and then draw an image in memo pad.

Later,after church,I went to buy a meter of cloth which is beige squares design and two long zippers.
Later I went to buy some stickers to decorate my Bible covers.

When I arrived home,I measure out my Bible's size and cut a dummy image on an old newspaper.

Later I transfer the newspaper image onto the cloth material and start sewing.
I also sewed a pen holder on one side of the bible cover,and even make two pockets on the inner sides of the bible covers.

I can put my memos in the inner pockets of the bible covers and a pen to write down the memo when the pastor is preaching.

I managed to sew a smaller bible cover for my christain song book too.I then paste down the beautiful cherries stickers and a cross design to beautify my bible and my christain song book.

The difference between my bible and my christain song book cover is that my christain song books cover has a row of cherries along it.

Not bad idea,right?Anyway..I am very satisfied with my handmade Bible cover...a master piece..I would say...hahhhhaaaaaa...


amycheah said...

wow JLE, really nice lah...u so good in sewing.

jepunlauee said...

thanks amy...hehehe...can sell in pasar malam hor?kakakakkaa