Winter is here at last..and these few days,temperature drops so low that almost everything outside is frozen.

Take a look at my garden hose..want to water my plants also cannot...water soon frozen...hahhhaaaa..
I can't drive to work immediately every morning as the my car is also frozen or covered with snow.This morning,it didn't snow,but the temperature was so low that my car become frozen like an ice cube...kakakakaa..

So I have to pour hot water on to the wind screen to melt the ice,and to on the heater in my car for about 10 minutes to warm the engine and also to warm the inside of the car..

Even the field are frozen and cover with a thin layer of snow...It is always like this..and eventually,snow will falls..

I do hope warm weather will come soon as I hate cold weather..

Hate to wake up every morning,coz my bed is so warm and cozy...

Then I always says to myself,another 5 minutes,again and again,and

eventually..I cook breakfast late..kakakakkaa..


amycheah said...

aiyoo so siok lah, got snow. I never see the real snow till now. When I went to CA, even it is winter but CA no snowing eh.

jepunlauee said...

si la,first time is siok lo,but if every year is same..also fedup lioa..coz pek cold..freezing..kakakakaa..

Zooropa said...

How I wish it's snowing over here! Merry Xmas to u & to your family!


jepunlauee said...

merry christmas to you and your family too..Dora !!!
ya,I too hope malaysia would be cooler...hahahaa