Today is Sunday..I woke up at about 7am..wash my face and did my morning prayers,then I went downstairs to make breakfast.
We usually have bread on I was very free and I always cook my favourite Malaysian dishes on Saturday or Sunday.
So ,today I decided to pamper myself with my favourite "Nasi Lemak"..
Then I will go to church at about 10am and be back at about 12.30pm.
As I will be a bit late today,I ask my second son to cook his own lunch for himself and his sister.He says he will cook spaghetti,so I just let him cook it himself.
When I came back ,I was so surprise that he did cook it and his sister loves it so much..I can't help it as I was very curious about how it taste I asked him to let me eat a mouthful...hehehe..

The taste was no bad..with the cheese topping..
But the problem was ,when I start eating my "Nasi Lemak" with them on the same table...Both of them complained that my sambal belacan "stint"..hahaa..

My kids says it smells like their unwashed sneakers..I scolded them not to speak like that as it would spoil my appetite..hahhaa..
So both of them enjoyed their spaghetti and me,my "Nasi Lemak"...
It is so funny..when I was staying in malaysia..I don't even lik to eat "Nasi Lemak"..but now,I can enjoy it and never even get fed up with it...just as like the others malaysian foods..


Zooropa said...

I love the spaghetti with lotsa cheese! For me, my nasi lemak must have curry to eat together with the rice. hehehe...


jepunlauee said... sure know how to enjoy life...Dora...kekekekke