Today ,I went for my yearly medical checkup...I make an appointment at 9am a few days ago at a newly open clinic near my area.
So I am not allow to eat or drink from 9pm yesterday until I finish my medical checkup..
It started with blood test and later several other things..
But ,what caught my attention was the doctor who attend to me..
I mistaken her as the cleaning lady...hahaaaaa
Now..let me tell you what I mean....
That lady doctor was over casual...wearing a simple shorts and a T-shirt and wearing slippers.She even dyed her hair orange in colour..
She was wearing the white overall over her shorts and T-shirt,but with the sleeves fold up..
She was so humble and talk to everyone..and doing all those small things,without asking the nurses to do them themselves.
That is why ,I mistook her as the cleaning lady...hahaha..
Maybe ,this is one of the reasons her clinic is so popular....coz you can hear her laughing and joking with her an old aunty having a daily chat up..
My medical check up finished at about 11 am..and by that time,I was so hungry...
So..I quickly drive to the nearest resturant to have my lunch.
I will have to go back to that clinic in one weeks time to collect my report..and I wonder what will that humble and simple lady doctor will wear..
This is the first time I saw a doctor dressing like an aunty at home..and also the way she sits also amuse me..she sits with her legs far apart..(kang kang)when she examine her patient..hahahahahhaaa..


amycheah said... casual one kah the doctor.

jepunlauee said...

si lor...dunt have the doctor image..her behaviour is just like our aunty at home..

Eddie Wong said...

look for other option......