Last saturday,I went to my sister's house to enjoy with her family for the summer festival.I arrived in the morning and we chat like old times,as I do not go so often to her house.
I also chat with my 2 nieces (Erika and Riza)..They have grown so big now..both of them is taller than me now and also so beautiful..hahaha..

We all went out to lunch at a family steak house and all of us enjoyed our steak very much.When it was time to leave the steak house,I wanted to pay my share of the lunch,but my niece(Riza) stops me and she says she will treat me..hehe..
I was very touched by her action as I always think of her(Riza) as still the tiny cute schoolgirl.
Riza had started working this April and now is also driving a car.Times fly so fast...This is the first time ,I get a treat from my niece and it is a very nice feeling..

I will wait the day when Riza drive me around when she buys her own car soon..
To my dear niece ,Riza..thankyou so much..your "ee ee" is so touched by your kindness...and also to my sister kimmy..thanks alot...your family is so nice..


Yuki Choe said...

That is so sweet!

amycheah said...

wah so good, ada orang belanja makan.

Kacang Puteh said...

Sis!Glad to heard tht you did enjoy yourself at my place!(^^)Looking forward to see you again ok!
Risa reply to her EE...!(EE you are always wellcome!)Will take you for a drive when you come again (^0^)

jepunlauee said...

reply to yuki:ya..they are so sweet..hehe..

reply to amy:si lo,ada orang belanja dan ada orang sayang..siok nya!!! hahaha..

reply to kacang:kam sia..kam sia so much..

reply to riza: ありがと ね!理沙ちゃん!

sting said...

ya... time really flies doesn't it? and that was so sweet of your niece :-)

jepunlauee said...

ya..she is very kind..hehe..