On sunday,I was very free as the whole family was not in.They all have their own activities,so I went to see my daughter's painting which was choosen by her school in a painting contest.The photo above is my daughter's painting about a temple courtess doing a holy ceremony dance.
After that I went to look at some flowers which was on sale,and I noticed that there are several unusal coloured flowers .
The photo below is a type of flowers which are black in colour..funny,right?
As it was cloudy that day,this photo might not show it as very black,but in real..they are black in colour..hahaha..
This is the first time I saw flowers which are black in colours..
The above photo is another unusual flower which is blue and white..I also try to touch them to confirm they are real or not..hahaha..but they are real..
Next are the flowers that looks orchids..but they are not orchids..They are of a mixture of blueish white..and have tails..These flowers comes in other colours such as white and pink ...as you can see in the background..
I was very satisfied to see flower of unusal colours..
In my next post,I will show you cherry trees..they are so cute...


TINTIN said...

I love flowers, thanks for sharing the unusual flower with me...hope to see them in real life leh..^^

amycheah said...

OO...1st time to know there's a black colour flower.

jepunlauee said...

tintin..I also loves flowers and when I find unusual type..i just can't resist taking thier photos..
ya,amy..I also surprise to see block flowers,first time in my life...hehehe..

Nancyew said...

Wow, they are very pretty flowers.