When ever I have a free time,my mind will automaticaly turns to food..
That is how I get such a beautiful face which looks like a "ban chang kueh"(chinese pancakes) and a lovely body shape which looks like a bloster cover(poh chim long).
This afternoon..I get that urge again and I deceided to cook apong..
I bought this instant pack from penang..
It is very easy to cook,but my ichy hand and my hungry mind makes me turn it to another version of apong...I add in grated coconut,cream corn and banana.
It turns into apong balik...The taste was wonderful..I just dun't know how to describe it here...hahaha..
After I finish cooking the apong,my ichy hand start to do another thing when I saw that I have many eggs in my refrigerater.I cook " Pandan Kaya"..bleanding my screwpine leaves with a bit of water.I was enjoying my my apong balik while stirring my pandan kaya...and as times goes by...I suceeded in making a sweet fragrance pandan kaya.
The photo above is my pandan kaya...the tatse is wonderful..I am going to eat it with bread tomorow and maybe I will steam some gultanious rice with santan.It tatse wonderful when taken with pandan kaya..hehe..


sting said...

hehe... back here we are so spoilt! can get from market.. but you are very good chef leh..

Vivian said...

I never know got this instant pack one..where you bought?

Kikey Loo said...

i also want to make pandan kaya, but hor can't find pandan at London :(

amycheah said...

JLE, I want one bottle of pandan kaya pls !

jepunlauee said...

reply to sting:ya,here in japan,hard to find mal food..
reply to vivian:i bought it in gama supermarket..
reply to kikey:i got mine in frozen form wor..(i mean the pandan leaves)
reply to amy:hehe..dunt woory,you too can easlily cook them..the receipe is in tintin's blog..

constance said...

wah apom and kaya.. looks sooo good wor.

jepunlauee said...

ya..yummy..I even end up making kaya puff a few days later...hahaha.