I love to eat cherries,and there are two varieties..the dark red ones which are from California,and the pinkish red ones who are from Japan.
I found that the dark red ones are a bit sour and the flesh is also a bit hard..but the pinkish red ones are sweet and soft.

I found that those california's dark red cherries are much cheaper than the japanese pinkish red cheeries.
Really wonder why ,the imported cherries are more cheap than the local cheeries...hehehehe..
Anyway,here is a photo of the pinkish red cherries from japan..

Talking about fruits again,I would like to let you all see the golden kiwis from New Zealand...I love to eat this golden kiwi as they are called that in Japan,coz they are so sweet compared to the green kiwi.I can also assure you ,their price is also a bit different..kekeke..These golden kiwis are abit expensive than the ordinary green kiwis..

Next,I would like to show you all how does the baby persimmons looks like.I am sure that we all know that persimmons are dark orange,right???

Do you know that when they are still young ,they are green in colour,looks like small green apples,and later ,they will turn into yellow and then to dark orange in autumn..Here is a photo of the baby persimmons taken from my family's orchard..

Since I was in my family's orchard taking those persimmons photo,I thought I might as well take a photo of the chestnut tree,as they are also in my family's orchard.They already bear chessnuts(lak chee)..and do you know that they looks exactly the same as our rambutans when they are still not ripe.

Even the leaves and tree looks exactly like our rambutan trees.When I just arrive in Japan,I mistaken them for rambutans,as when I touch the"fur" of that young chessnut,it is also the same as our rambutan skin..hahaha...

Well ,the persimmons and chestnuts will be ripe in autumn...then I will be able to cook chestnut rice and post them for you all to see..hahaha..


Tau Sar Phneah said...

lau ee, you have family orchard as welll...huyooh...hehe..

jepunlauee said...

si lo,as I say before mah,my hubby's family side are agricultural farmers,they grows starberries,persimmons,chestnuts and padi(rice).Before also have chinese pears(chooi lai),but now no more..

amy cheah said...

wow, i look at that cherry i keep "lau nua" nia. Here sell the California cherry is expensive like eat "gold"!! Oh ya, here in Pg also got sell the yellow kiwi. JLE, thanks for the baby persimmon photo that i requested. I can see the baby liao is green in colour huh!! And for chestnut, it is really look like rambutan..ha ha ha
Thank you so much for sharing these to us.

TINTIN said...

Eh.. your hubby is japanese ar? ^.^ So, nice the fruits hor.. I nvr been to ochard before wo..

Piggy said...

I like cherries too but kinda expensive here lor.
Actually golden kiwi are far more expensive than green kiwi but still I like green kiwi coz I like it 'sweet n sour'
Oh, never seen a young persimmons before. Thanks for sharing.
And the lak chee, when it ripe, the 'fur' will turn into thorns right?

jepunlauee said...

Reply to tintin: Yes,my hubby is jepuna...kekekekke..(^-^)

Reply to piggy: Yes,when the lak chee is ripe,it will dry up and the thorns is very hard,so we use tongs or our shoes to break them up,coz they macam the rubber seeds,the whole cast turns from green to dark brown..and dries up..
If you still cannot understand ,pls refer to my ealier post,I got post them up..

K3ViN said...

wah soo nice... u can many type of un-seen fruit lor..... soooo nice nia :P

Joze Foo said...

i am not a fruit fan la..but the other day when i saw the california cherries look so tempting...when i asked the price...nearly pengsan.. RM 60 per kg.. eat gold~~

jepunlauee said...

wah..why so expensive ah? In japan selling not so expensive wor,but the tatse is not as good as the japanese cheeries which are pinkish red..