Today I am going to talk about how wonderful technology can be.When I was small,I used to see my mother washing our clothings with her bare hands.

Sometimes we would help her to change the water from pails to pails,but later the introduction of washing machine came out.
WE managed to get one which is semi automatic,and later a fully automatic one.

Nowadays,I myself is using a fully automatic type which also have a timer which I can set the time,which I want it to start washing.

I just put in my laundries , detergent in its designated compartment and add in the softener.
I usually set it at night before I goes to bed,and by morning time,all my laundries would be washed.So I just need to hang them to dry or if it is a rainy day,I can just put them in a drier.

The photo above is a fully automatic toilet.You can see the remote control panel on the wall, just above the toilet paper holder.

It can shoot out warm or cold water(by adjusting the temperture) to clean you up(cheh bok).Then it also have a button ,when pressed,can blow out warm air to dry you up...hehe..

There are two buttons,one is for washing your buttocks and another is for ladies listed as "blue day"( you get what I mean?)heheheh...

The next best thing is that,it is also auto sensor,so when you leave the toilet seat,it will flush by itself within 10 seconds.Note the small black dot on the lefthand side of the toilet,that is the sensor...

There is also a button for self cleaning,where you just apply the cleasing liquid around the toilet bowl and just close the toilet cover,then just press that button,it will start cleaning by itself.

The toilet band is also temperture controled,as we will have it warm when in winter time.

Next is I would like to show you a rice cooker with a timer and clock.

This rice cooker have a timer which you can set what time you want to rice to be ready to eat.

So you just wash your rice and add in the amount of water and set the time.It can also cook porridge and sushi rice.I usually set the timer when I goes to bed as my kids takes their breakfast at 6am daily.

Normally,electrical items with timer are also clocks when not in use,so you can imagine,knowing the time whenever you pass by their location...hahaha.

The photo above is a sensor touch fridge.You do not have to pull the handle to open the fridge,just use your arm or body and touch that panel on the left,it will auto open.All the doors in this fridge is also auto sensored,so when a certain door is not close properly ,a buzzing alarm will sound,until you off it.

I am hoping to get a more advanced fridge which is on sale now,which comes with a voice message.You can record your own message up to 30 seconds.

So whenever the door of the fridge is open ,the message will auto play.I feel it will be just nice as I could let my kids know what I want them to do.

As Japan is a country that does not have foreign maids,these high technology items sure helps to ease our daily burden.

Now even all my corridors,bathroom,toilets,carpark have auto sensor electricity in case someone forget to switch them off...hahaha..


Tau Sar Phneah said...

wah lau so high tech le!!!

salute sama you...hehe..

jepunlauee said...

no lah...I just like to buy things that have a lot of my daily burden with be eased..haha..

TINTIN said...

wow,..the toilet damn hi-tech wor.. i like,..i like... I've been busy indo maid go home I'm the house maid..dunno when Malaysia can hv all this hi-tech things..

jepunlauee said...

Hahaha..dunt worry la,sure will come to malaysia la..coz it is already a normal household thing in japan now...

amy cheah said...

i like your toilet bowl that have self cleaning mode.

sting said...

oh.. I miss the auto toilets in Japan... really makes "doing business" comfortable :-) I really wished that our houses here have separate bathrooms and toilets like those in Japan...

Joze Foo said...

the electricity in Malaysia are gonna increase next month.. If we had this technology then can save electricity..