Toilets are very important to us,as we have to use it as long as we are alive.

What's more important is that ,it must be build to our advantage..

I like some of the public toilets in Japan..they are usually clean and also ,some of them are build to adjust to the elderly people.

Take a look at this toilet for example...if you notice is a sensor auto flush toilet.So no need to worry about entering a dirty unflushed toilet.

Then ,take a look at the side has a bar handle for the elderly people to hold and help them get up from the toilet seat.Then next to the disinfection liquid container is the emergency call button socket.In case of emergency,you can alway press the orange button,and help will be on the way..
So thoughtful of the designer..who think of all these wonderful ideas..

Then notice the white box just above the toilet papers is a disinfection liquid for wiping the toilet case you want to sit on a germ free toilet...
I feel it would be wonderful if all the toilets in the world are build like these..
But it must also have health conscious people who have the decency not to dirty the toilets after using them..Don't you think so???