Last week when I went to Sakai with kacang and her family to look for the christain shop,we notice an interesting building with a big ferris wheel ,attach to its side.
I always thought that we can only find ferris wheel in amusement part
so I was very curious and deceided to snap these photos to show you all..

I wondered from where or should I say from what floor , can we take the ride,as I can see that the ferris wheel starts from a few floors above the building.
Another thing amusing would be ,how would those people feels when suddenly,unknown people would be looking into their office from the window,when the ferries wheel pass their window?
Don't you think this is an amusing sight,having a big ferris wheel sticking to a side of a big building in the centre of a town?


amycheah said...

hey really khi kuai huh with the merry-go-round attached at the building. To me hio, I will feel very disturbing if I were in the office.

jepunlauee said...

yes...imagine having your dinner or having an office meeting,then someone is watching you from outside the window..