Whenever I post some plants or flowers in my blog..I was referring to my backyard garden,where I hang my laundries.

The real garden is in front of my house.It is a tranditional japanese garden with many pine trees or "matsu trees", landscaped by a professional gardener.

We do not plant any plants that we like as not to destruture the landscape.
We also have to call a gardener to come and trim the pine trees"matsu tree",twice a year,so that the shape of the trees will not be out of shape.

You can see a pine tree "matsu tree"in the photo on the right handside,as it looks like the "bonsai tree".These pine trees"matsu tree" are very important to a japanese garden.

You can see these pine trees in almost all japanese garden.
You can also see in the photo, flat granite stones,leading to my front entrance of my house.

The two pillars supporting the entrance roof is also from the pine tree"matsu tree".
Japanese like pine trees"matsu tree" very much,and that is why it is so popular in japan....