ON september 2,my dear friend Amy(Lor Mee) gave birth to a baby daughter..
Her hubby Kenny(xiao kia) and her name their baby "Lindy",which means "music lover"..such a nice name ..

I am so happy for them and hopes that they will post more photos of Lindy soon and keeps us updated on Lindy's growth...

To my dear friend Amy and Kenny(xiao kia)..congratulations....(^0^)
And I delicate this song called "Congratulations" by cliff richards to you both..


amycheah said...

Hey JLE - I'm so happy that u post up about my delivery and Lindy gal in ur post. Kam siah so much to u lah..........Don't worry I will post up much more photo of her in my Facebook and also her special blog. Check out the blog when u free ok.

jepunlauee said...

okok..I also set lindy er blogspot.com in my bloglist lioa..so now onli waiting for her cute photos n about her news