As I said in my previous Uan Sui's plants bears flowers and later the flowers withers and they form many small green berries..
These green berries are now all turning dark brown and also drying up..
They looks like small dried peppers you can see,I took some of them and snap their photo using my fingers as the background..hahaha..

I collected those dried seeds and sun them again on a sunny day..
I then prepare some of the seeds for planting and keep the remainers for next summer or will plant them again if the first batch of planting is not sucessful..

So,wish me luck..ya !!!Lets hope my newly harvested Uan sui's seeds will grows into many Uan Sui's plants for me this year...hehehehe..


Jesse Tan said...

Wish u have a good harvest for uan sui tis dat u cook more M'sia local food for urself and dun forget about me ^-^ hehe....cos I"m very "tham Chiak"
Wait to hear from u soon

jepunlauee said...

Okok I sure will cook many mal food,hehe...

Su En said...

is this uan sui the kinda seeds that malay people use as inai for their hands decoration?