It is going to be summer very soon,and now there are alots of flowers and plants out for sale.
I was looking for some flowers and house plants when I saw these cherry trees for sale.
They are not so big,I think they might have been "budgrafted" type,or should I say,the "katek" (midget)type..hehehe..
They are not so expensive either,you can just buy them back and plant them in your garden.
I like these japanese cherrys,as they are soft and sweet,compare with the califonia's cherrys which are dark red in colour and are not so sweet.
The probelm is I am not sure we can get them to bear some many cherrys or not by ourselves.Those on sale are grown by the "specialist planters"..hahaha..and that is why they can afford to offer them on sale..but what happen to us who does not have "green fingers"?
Anyway,I do enjoy admiring at these cherrys trees,and hope oneday,I will have the courage to buy one of them and plant it in my garden...hehehehe..


amycheah said...

JLE, u really tempt me with the cherry tree. If I were there, sure I buy back home to plant. My favarote fruits lai this cherry. Here sell one box with about Rm24.90 leh.

amycheah said...

hey in here hio, the fruit seller will called the dark cherry as "cherry" and the pinkish like in ur 2nd photo as "white cherry". i dunno that is their own term or is the correct way of calling it. Any idea?

jepunlauee said... we say american cherry(dark red) or just cherrys(japanese cherry)..but the japanese cheery are more expensive than the califonia cherrys..

-crash- said...

can eat 1 ah?

i also have a cherry plant home now. at the balcony. gift from boss during CNY. very nice.

i also tot it would die off but in fact they r quite easy to take care of. still blooming with cherry. but i think i am cutting it off for a new growth since i found that there is some white fungus thingy behind sme of the leaves. bad omen for plant.

Jesse Tan said...

The white cherry also got sale here but i dunno is it from Japan. Once i bought the white cherries is really very sweet but after a week i go and buy, is different from the 1st time i bought. It is more sour. I wonder why leh? Since both also is white cherry but can be so different.

Kikey Loo said...

i am wonder how big is ur garden?? next time show us ur garden ok? cos u grow so many things..

jepunlauee said... garden is divided into 2 front of my hse is the main japanese garden..filled with pine trees and plum trees..
The photos i always put on my blog is fr the backyard of my hse,it is where I can plant what ever I want..
reply to jessi:even the japanese cheerys(white cherry) also got grade..tat is why some are not as sweet as the others..

Jesse Tan said...

oic....then how we knw the different?

Su En said...

i love this post!! love the cherry trees.