Since April 1st,2009...japan started to have this new system,which is ..we have to bring our own shopping bags when we go shopping.
Here are some shopping bags which we will use ,when we go shopping in the supermarket.
We bring these type of bags and the cashier will put our groceries into these bags,or we can use other types baskets..some supermarket also sell their own "My basket" or "My eco bag" which is like above..
Sometimes when we forget to bring any bags,we will be charge if we use the shops plastic bags.

We also keep a few emergency foldable type of nylon bag as show in the photo above.The blue in colour bag is the foldable bag,and is in a zipped form,so when you unzip it,it will looks like the brown in colour nylon bag.
The photo above also shows my area supermarket's "My basket".I bought several of them and put them in my car..
So when I finish my shopping,the cashier will just tranfer all my shopping into this "my basket" or "my eco bag".
I still find this very troblesome as sometimes,I forget to bring them with me,so that is the time..these foldable nylon bags comes in handy.
They are very light and can be kept in our handbag,I keep 3 of them in my handbag..hehe..
Now even the pharmacy is also following this system and later I think many more shops will follow too...I won't be surprise..maybe one day,they might want us to bring our own carriers when we want to buy cooked food,just like in malaysia..and what will they call them.."My tiffin carriers"????? Hahahahaha..


Kikey Loo said...

this is very good practice!
i also start using reusable bag when i go to groceries.

jepunlauee said...

ya,good pratice but I still need time to adapt to this new changes,as I always forget to bring "my Basket" or "my eco-bag" with me..and also sometimes,I didn't think that I will do any shopping,but suddenly felt I have to buy a few things when I am in the shopping mall..and tis is when those foldable nylon bags comes in so handy..hehe..

Amy Cheah said...

very good practice leh this system.

Jesse Tan said...

wah! very good i hope M'sia also can practice...but i think is kinda difficult here....