As I have stayed in Japan so long,the urge to eat our malaysian hawkers food is always on my mind...

So I try to make it a point to have at least once a week...trying to cook them myself..

Till today,I managed to make "chee cheong fun",curry mee", "hokkien mee", "nasi lemak","lor mai kai" and several other dishes..keke...

So this morning,I try to cook "Char hor fun" for my breakfast..and it turned out wonderfully..yummy..

I would like to share this simple receipe with you all ,just in case anyone of you might want to try and cook your homemade "char hor fun"..

Char Hor Fun

Flat rice noodles..(koay teow or hor fun noodles or if in japan,use "kishimen")

chicken or meat..sliced


1Tbsp oil

1tsp of chopped garlic


chai sim and taugeh

Marinade (A): A pinch of salt

1/2tsp cornflour

dash of pepper

1tsp egg white

1tsp oil

Seasoning(B): 1Tbsp oyster sauce

1Tbsp light soya sauce

2cups fresh chicken stock

1/2tsp chicken stock granules

1tsp sugar

1/4salt to taste

Thickening: 1tbsp corn flour

2tbsp water


1:Add alittle oil and fry rice noodle..fry briskly over high heat until heated enough.(I like mine a bittle burnt...hehe..)Dish out and leave aside.

2:Season meat with marinade(A),heat oil and saute garlic until golden brown..

3:Add in marianated meat and prawns and taugeh and chai sim.Fry well,then add in (B) and bring to boil.

4: When sauce is boiling ,add in thickening...then turn off heat and stir in beaten egg.Give it a quick stir and then pour over noodles..

Serve immediately warm ..with pickles green chillies or sambal belacan...


Princess Yoyo & family said...

wahh... so fast u done your report liao ar, good good. But i tell u hor, your char hor fun really look like one from Penang lah, did you just tar-pau one back from Pg hehehe :) Kamsiah the very much for sharing recipe, i want to try it one day bcs my husband and I also love char hor fun. GOOD!! :)

amycheah said...

hoi JLE, it is really look like pg hawker eh standard leh! ok, u r qualified to open a stall here in Pg liao. Amboi, beh tahan with ur green cili nia. Also hio, u can eat it with raw cili padi with tow ewe too !

Kikey Loo said...

wah... i can be hawker food "taukeh" liao!!

Constance Chan said...


Jesse Tan said...

wow! U really a good chef....u can cook varieties of time can ask u for recipe...he he he....ur char hor fun look so tasty! someday i also wan to try ur recipe....

K3ViN said...

wah i will try it next time if i have chance to cook :P