Today,after work,I went to the cell phone shop to enquire about their latest data card service which was on promotion.
Well,they agree to let me try it on my laptop for one week free of charge...haha..
When I reach home,I quickly on my lap top to test it..but do you know ..instead of checking and testing all the websites first,
I chat with my dear friend Lor mee who happen to be online at that moment...hahaha..
Then after that I try to test the speed as it says it could go from 3.1Mbs~1.8Mbs~
But shit ,due to my area is near the countryside,I found that it can only goes to 115.7 kbps..
I was so disapointed..but since I couldn't get broadband or adsl in my area..I thought it is better than my original line which is only 64 kbps.
I try watching youtube..blogs..podcast..they are okay compare to my old houseline speed.
But when I try to watch my laptop hang..I can't figure the reason..could it be this card can't read big files like tudou's?
Why I feel like this ,reason: I try to watch tudou again with this same lap top but I connect it with my house line probelm occur..funny right?
I am now confuse as wheather I would like to subcribe to this wimax service or not...or could it be my laptop fault(ram is only 256)
Anyway..I still have until next Tuesday to make up my mind...


amy cheah said...

JLE, try again today to watch the, see will hang or not !! Maybe your yesterday luck boh sui... he he he

jepunlauee said...

luck change liao...hahah..probelm is tat guy did not complete the full install of the device,so I bring back to the shop,and they fix it for okay lioa...

Constance Chan said...

maybe could be the laptop also.. maybe got to allocate more memory to it?