Today I am going to talk about shopping after being inspired by my good friend Tau Sar Phneah's blog.

Shopping to me is a way of releasing stress,and I found it to be very effective..hahaha..

Well,first let me tell you about our japanese supermarket or at least in my
area's supermarket.

They usually have time service sales about few times a week,that is when they offer certain items like eggs,fish,meat ect..ect..for a very special low price,but one person is onli allow to buy once nia.

The time service is usually about 15 mins to half an hour ,so after this time service finished,all these items will be back to normal price.

Another thing which is very interesting and exciting is the end of the day sales,which is about 45 minutes or half an hour before closing time.

You would be able to see a lot of housewives(including me),waiting like vultures...hahaha..

We will wait until the supermarket staffs start to stick those bargains stickers to the items,and then "the war of the housewives" will begin...hahaha..

Almost all the raw items will be 50% dicount and other items like vegetables,cooked food will be 30 or 40% discount.

I usually go to these wars with my "army"(son and daughter)so that we would be able to get a lot of good stuff.
Let me tell you a few tricks about shopping:
(1) Never go shopping when you are are sure to buy alot,as everything seem delicious to your mind..

(2)Write what you want to buy on a sheet of paper,and once you arrive in the supermarket ,go directly to get your items which is listed in your not look at other things..coz you will soon get distracted by those bargains !!!

(3)Do not carry too much cash as you will sure over spend buying unneccesary things.

Well.... happy shopping !!!!!!!!


amy cheah said...

Very "tat" huh to buy items during this special service time. Can save a lot in terms of grocery budget.

jepunlauee said...

si lor,can save extra secret pocket money for myself..hahaha...

Constance Chan said...

wah.. i would love to go shopping for those bargains with you jle! i enjoy shopping in supermarket alot!

Tau Sar Phneah said...

lau ee..inspire by me ar??

you're same like me la..i only carry very little cash..most of the time only my card and my shopping i wont need to go meery go round..hehe

would love to go shopping with you one day..hehe..

jepunlauee said...

hahah..I am so honoured to be invited to go shopping with TSP and hoon...(^.^)

Piggy said...

Wah.....was wondering how the "war" will look like....really a lot of people one is it? Then mar long queue at the paying counter lor....

jepunlauee said...

dun't worry la,it is just a busy snatching angry words or fighting..keke.
There are alot of paying counters,so no queue...