Today,I am going to make bedak sejuk as the weather is very warm and sunny.

In my garden,now my jasmine(bunga melur) is in full bloom,and when the wind blows towards my kitchen,it bring the sweet smell of the bunga melur in.

Here is a photo of my bunga melur(jasmine) nice smell..hehe..

I started to soak raw rice with water and keep them in a container for almost one year ago,in my refrigerator.

Yesterday ,I take them out and use my blender to blend them into a fine paste.Then,I set them on a container and keep them again for one night in the refrigerator.

Today,I took them out and drained off those excess water and make small drops of them on a tray and dried it in the sun.I will put them in a container when they are dried,and I will add in those Jasmine flowers.

There,my bedak sejuk will have a sweet jasmine smell,and I can enjoy this summer with my white"pek lu lu"face..hehe..

Makes me feel so fresh and clean whenever I put on those bedak sejuk in summer..

Here is a photo of my freshly done bedak sejuk(homemade)..looks more like spilled ink..hahahaha..(^.^)


amy cheah said...

amboi, u r not only good in cooking, but "everything" pun boleh !! hor liao !! hor liao !! salute to u ... so when u make ur face pek lu lu time, remember to post ur photo to let us see ya !!

jepunlauee said...

haha..good idea..dun't worry,I will post it up to scare you...kekeke

K3ViN said...

wah thanks 4 teach us how 2 make it.. anyway how2 put jasmine into it?

jepunlauee said...

Reply to k3vin: after the bedak sejuk is dried up,put them in a container,then pluck those jasmine flowers and put in together with the bedak sejuk lo,when the jasmine flower dried up,the smell will go into the bedak sejuk..